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Open Window Series

The Open Window series is our most popular product. With its classic half open french windows, the computer rendered frame has antique corner accents and a 3 dimensional photo realistic look. It adds a classic, sophisticated touch as well as a fresh open spaciousness to an enclosed space. Unlike Trompe L'Oeil murals we don't use a painting of a scene.  We use a dramatic high quality photographic scene, just like you would hope to see outside a of your window.  A real faux view.

You can almost feel the breeze flowing through.

It has been found to be an inexpensive way to decorate and open up the enclosed, claustrophobic, windowless areas you find in hospitals, exam rooms, radiology areas, interior office areas and even cruise ship cabins. The Open Window measures 36" wide x 42" tall. The prints come standard with a thick 5mil laminate both front and back, in either gloss or matte laminate.

Most of the photographic views in all of our series can be mixed and matched to the different frames styles.  

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